Podziękowania Fundacja

On behalf of the Management Board and Members of the Association for Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumours and their Supporters, I want to thank the Management of Golden Floor in Warsaw for letting the Association host a meeting on 15 June in a fully-equipped conference room in the Golden Floor Plaza at Aleje Jerozolimskie in Warsaw free of charge.


Thanks to PZU’s CSR initiative ‘Pomoc to Moc’ and Magdalena Wolska, we have hosted an exciting weekend event for those under the care of the ‘Fundacja dla Rodaka’ foundation dedicated to the knowledge sharing and new technologies. We also want to thank Moon Media, Golden Floor Tower – Chłodna 51, Golden Apartments, PGE_Narodowy, and Jarek Bodanko for their support and assistance. Our biggest thank-you goes to all PZU volunteers who never let us down! #PomoctoMoc

Golden Floor Centre Opening

On 1 October, Golden Floor announced the opening of its new Conference Centre in the most prestigious part of the Warsaw Śródmieście district.

Located in the Warsaw Towers just 500 metres from the Palace of Culture and Science, and in the immediate vicinity of the Złote Tarasy mall and the Central Train Station (ul. Sienna 39), the Golden Floor Centre will feature 8 state-of-the-art, high-end training rooms.

Designed to reflect the latest trends, the Centre will allow us to offer highly customisable solutions to meet every customer’s needs.

Thanks to its convenient location and easy commute, as well as unlimited parking places, our new venue will offer the maximum comfort to all training participants.

Company Christmas Party at Golden Floor

Host your Company’s Christmas Party
at the Golden Floor Conference Centre.

Service packages start at
PLN 85 per person net depending on the location.

To book the venue, contact your booking manager
or the Sales Department:

22 669 21 19

Below you will find 3 links with proposals for each of our locations:
Christmas Party at Golden Floor Tower (ul. Chłodna 51)
Christmas Party at Golden Floor Plaza (al. Jerozolimskie 123A)
Christmas Party at Golden Floor Airport (ul. 17 Stycznia 45B)