Golden Floor Plaza


al.Jerozolimskie 123A, Warsaw – 26 floor

Conference rooms Millennium Plaza and conference room Warsaw – are located on the 26th, 25th and 23rd floor of the Millennium Plaza building.

Events take place in 14 rooms maintained in an elegant office style. The largest of them can fit up to 120 people and is located on the 25th floor. All conference rooms have a high finish standard and are equipped with facilities which should characterise any modern centre.

Our training rooms are equipped with an independent air conditioning system, wireless Internet access and devices indispensable to conducting trainings (projector, flipchart, screen, etc.), which we make available to you free of charge under the rental agreement. The largest conference rooms have been also equipped with a professional sound system.

Symmetrical wireless Internet with transfer speed 200/200 MB/s provides smooth performance of over 30 online transmissions at the same time in Full HD quality.

The conference centre is located near the Central Railway Station and the Warsaw Ochota Station for a quick and smooth transport from any location.

Every training room in our centre was adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. The conference rooms located on the 26th floor are next to a restaurant where lunches are served for the guests of the Centre.

Conference Room Theatrical setup Lecture chair setup School setup   U Shape
A 130 100 55 35
B 50 50 33 20
C 35 35 22 16
D 60 60 33 24
E 50 50 33 20
F 40 35 26 17
G 50 50 33 20
H 40 40 24 18
I 30 30 20 14
J 40 40 26 18
P25 150 150 80 36


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